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30 stran flogger for beginners

I walk in with my instructions. Strip down to my lingerie. It is to be red and accessible. Open crotch and breast showing and proud. 

Kneel, close my eyes. Put on my headphones, play the sex playlist and wait.

After what feels like an eternity I feel your hand touch my nipple. Firm gentle pressure to my nipple. My pussy twitches and lets a small gush.

You reach down and grab my hand pulling me to stand. You put a blindfold over my eyes. You take out my headphones and set the music to play out loud.

You notice my almost immediate sway to the music. ( I do not stand still very well)

You grab one hand and pull it behind me and affix the first restraint, then reaching around grab the other wrist tie them together.

The you finally speak to me. Your lips pressed to my ear you say "Have you been a good girl for daddy?"

I bite my tongue and struggle a bit cause I want to put my fingernail in my mouth. I bow my head and say "I hope so daddy"

You pick up my chin and kiss me with enough passion to take my breath away

You reach down and slide a finger between my lips and notice I am already soaked.

You put your lips to my ears and say "baby is a little too eager" 

I blush very pink.

You run your hand a round to my ass and give it a sharp slap then the other cheek 

You see me smile 

You grab my restraints and pull me back a bit then lead me to something. You tell me to kneel. You have me on a spanking bench.

You start with the big heavy flogger. My ass starts to wiggle. I am so very excited.

The first strike connects. You hear me sigh. Then the second.... they continue. You switch floggers to one with more sting to it.

It connects and you hear me moan. That just fuels you. You continue until you see me starting to tense as I am nearing my starting limit. You slow and come to my ear and ask if I am good. I whimper slightly.

You reach your hand between My legs and feel the cum starting to drip. You know I am primmed and very ready. You untie me.

You stand me up push me against the wall and thrust your very hard cock into my dripping pussy. Fucking me hard until I squirt all over your cock. Squeezing and pulsing all down the shaft of your cock. Milking it drawing out you cum till you explode into my waiting pussy.

You whisper into my ear, that is round one.....

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Do you ever feel kind of primal about sex? That feeling of urgency? I mean do you ever get the urge so bad that you almost feel like you will explode if you do not have sex?
I love and hate that feeling. I get it so often.
I want forceful but not forced.
I want strength and passion.
I want to be treated like a slut but not made to feel like one.
Kiss me with the intense passion you feel deep in your core, move me around like your personal rag doll and watch me squeal with delight.
Use me like you want to possess me.
Watch my body arch and tense as you run your hands over my body.
Feeling the cum building at my core, knowing you will finally touch my clit.
Bite me cause it is what you need to do. Squeeze my breasts but not to hurt me.
Play with my pussy and watch me thrash about with my building intensity.
You hear me moan and pant. Knowing I will beg you to fuck me soon.
The pleasure is intense, the sensations even more so.
With your thumb on my clit and your fingers in my pussy you work me.
I start to beg you to fuck me. You ignore me intent on having what you want.
Your hand moving faster more insistent, I keep begging.
You keep going. My moans turn to cries, as I start cumming all over your hand.
Your hand does not stop. As wave after wave washes over me.
You remove you your hand long enough to move around and press your beautiful hard cock to my lips. I open wide grateful to have a second to breathe.
I run my tongue up and down the shaft, cupping your balls in my hand.
Swirling my tongue around the head of your cock. Slowly taking the entire length of it to the entrance of my throat. I pull back and take it again. With it in my mouth I swirl my tongue around, lapping at your cock.
I pull back again and then take the full length causing myself to gag on the size.
The more I suck on your beautiful cock the juicer my pussy is getting.
You pull out of my mouth as I whimper that you are taking away my toy.
You grab me by the hips, flip me over and stick the tip of your cock in my pussy.
The feeling is pure bliss as I force myself back taking the entire length.
Your hand instinctively reaches around to grasp my boob. As the other hand travels up to my throat.
Both hands grip you feel my pussy gush as I start to squirt.
You fuck me. Slamming your rock hard cock into my pussy as I pant and moan. Squirting over and over.
Your hands roam all over my body.
You turn me around wanting to watch me.
Lifting my legs and ass off the table as you shove your cock in deep.
Fucking me till you cannot hold back anymore.
You squirt your hot cum in my pussy as you take my face in your hands kissing me with such passion, you take my breath away.

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looking for someone to take me under their guidance and teach me

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Looking for a daddy

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